Holiday Buying Guide 2009

Unique, functional, fun cool products discovered this past year from celebrity gifting suites, tradeshows, and press events by Monte Bubbles and her pack including Joyce Chow, William Hoehne, and Paul Cruz Silvia Feinstein, Bryan Mountbatten and Otto and Will Grotzinger.

Stocking Stuffers Under $25

Kooky Klickers Collectible Pens
Unique design with personality show your passion with Disney, Major League Baseball, SpongeBob Square Pants, Lucas Films, Krazees and hundreds more.  The challenging part is buying just one, they do have six packs.   Discovered at the Consumer Product Events Mothers/Fathers Day event.  $3-5 suggested retail.

Instant Button for Jeans for the Perfect Fit
We agree for males or females, holiday eating and yo yo weight, you can still have a perfect.  Do you think anyone will notice that you adjusted your pants?  Add to that a rhinestone version for blouses. Discovered at the Consumer Product Events Eco / Summer event.  $15 for 2.

Vapur Foldable Water Bottle
You’ve seen enough water bottles but sometimes you don’t have the right size water bottle or don’t want to carry the additional weight of the bottle, isn’t that one of the reasons you love the ease of buying bottled water?   BPA free, freezable, cleanable with a carabiner.  Simply roll up the container and toss it in your bag.  Discovered at Consumer Product Events for Eco / Summer event.
 $8.95 or holiday special of 4 for $29.95

Celebriducks for the Young at Heart
Special edition and custom rubber ducks for the young at heart.  Michael Jackson’s Thriller, Gene Simmons, or call on  Mr. Green, the Cocoa Canard.  Other ducks include Stars of the Silver Screen, Musical Performers, Celebrities and mascots.   Discovered at the Consumer Product Events
Discovered at the Consumer Product Events Valentine’s Day event.  $11.99

Mobigrip Tech Leash to Keep Your Tech at Hand
Keep a leash on your tech with fun, functional and a multitude of colors.  Great for cell phones, iPods and cameras.   Our favorite is one with a mirror, and you’ll always have it with you.   Discovered at the Think Pink Style Lounge celebrating the 2009 Emmy Awards by Secret Room Events. Begins at $7.95


Wooloot Negative Ion Sport Watches
Wear 1 or 18 colors of fun in a lightweight water resistant watch with sizes for the entire family.  As seen on the Today Show as one of Hollywood’s Hottest Gifts.  We agree, even before they thought they were hot. Discovered at the Latin Grammy Awards gifting lounge by Distinctive Assets.  $19.99


Footzy Rolls rollable shoes
Save your feet.  Fun and functional, walk from stilettos to walking flats for wedding, everyday and limited editions.  Discovered at Connected Gift Rooms celebrating the American Music Awards 2009.  $25-30


Put Yourself in the Box
Having trouble popping the question or pure fondness for Jack-in-the-Box, select from special editions or have a customized Jack-in-the-Box with your likeness pop the question for the tongue tied or the young at heart.  Even Obama could do it without a teleprompter, but you’ll still have to turn the handle.  $29.95


Slimware Portion Control Without the Scale
Size food proportions without people realizing it with stylish plates that give you a helping hand. Discovered when covering the celebrity gift bag for the Latin Grammy Awards by Distinctive Assets.  $34.95 for four plates.

Hireko iBella Tiara Putter with Swarovski Crystals
Let us others think you’re doing it for the bling, but perfectly weighted and beautiful to look at, you’ll feel like a queen.  Put a jewel in your hands.  No one would ever guess what you paid for it.  Discovered at the GBK Productions Music Lounge celebrating the American Music Awards 2009. $48.25


Blessed Charm Spreads the Karma
We’ve seen plenty of peace signs but this year, but karma is a different story.  Blessed Charm is a way to spread the good karma around and it just may come back to you.  Discovered at the GBK Productions Music Lounge celebrating the American Music Awards 2009.

Smart Heat Technology Knows You Best
Innovative technology in hair tools that knows what’s best for all types of hair, including synthetic  hair, one blow dryer for the entire family. And yes, it’s a professional ionic dryer.  Discovered at the Distinctive Assets Gift Lounge backstage at A Home for the Holidays taping.  Around $60 street price.


BedHog His and Her Sheets
Curious about who really is the bed hog with covers?  The answer is as easy as sleeping in BedHog sheets which draw the line to split the bed.  Fun for the guest room or wedding presents.   Discovered at Distinctive Assets gift lounge for A Home for the Holidays television special.  Beginning at $69.99


Strange Invisible Perfumes and Your Signature Scent
When many of us think of personalized perfumes, we think of favorites scents.  Perfumer Alexandra Balahoutis takes botanicals that much further.  After discovering your likes, lifestyle and personality, Alexandra develops a signature scent just for you or enjoy her new scent Fire and Cream, created for herself.  Inspired by a glimpse at the sky early one evening in late summer.  Discovered at the Strange Invisible launch of Fire and Cream.   Parfum ¼ oz. $195. 


High Tech Fashion with TriSpec Bluetooth Sunglasses
A multitude of frames, colors and shades and the introduction of the Asian bridge and STEP Labs noise elimination technology.  High tech fashion at its best.  Discovered at CES Unveiled and GBK Productions 2009 Academy Awards Gift Lounge.

GoPro Hero Wearable HD
Attach it to your helmet, your surfboard, your car or yourself.  Document yourself in action with the world’s best selling wearable digital cameras for sports.  Now you can just video yourself while skydiving.   Discovered at the SEMA show 2009.  $299

Jorg Gray Obama Watch
You’ve probably seen hundreds of items commemorating President Obama’s inauguration.  This has special meaning, as the story goes, Obama was given this watch prior to becoming the President from the Secret Service and he wore for Jorg Gray 6500 Chronograph for his inauguration.  Available for men and women.   Discovered at the Think Pink Style Lounge Celebrating the American Music Awards 2009 by Secret Room events.  Beginning at $325.


Samsung Dual LCD Camera ST550
The first time we saw this point and shoot camera we fell in love.  One of the biggest challenges in taking pictures with your friends is you can’t see if you’re in the picture, unless you’ve perfected the art of taking your own picture.  This makes it easy with a dual LCD, one for each side of the camera.  Add a 27 mm Schneider-Kreuznach wide angle lens, gesture control, HD videos and perfect portraits.  You get the picture.  Around $350 street price.

Think Out of Box Gaming Immersion
Game enthusiasts may enjoy large screen tvs, projectors or gaming chairs but this adds to the immersion.  A 4 foot half dome screen surrounding you makes you feel like you’re in the game, imagine using it with 3D.  Available for rent or purchase. Discovered at GBK Productions Music Lounge celebrating the American Music Awards.

Quick Gym’s ROM The 4 Minute Cross Trainer
As unlikely as this may seem to you, one four minute demo and you realize that yes it would be possible.  In 4 minutes, ROM or Range of Motion, will make you feel  like you’ve had a full workout.  Yes, we’ve tried it and you can definitely feel it.   Similar to the price of a stripped down Smart Car, you may just be all the smarter in staying fit efficiently.  Think of all the time savings.  If one for your home is not in your price range, perhaps a Quick Gym near you will fit the bill.  Discovered at the Consumer Product Events for Nutrition Fitness gear.  $14,615.

Mavizen TTX02 World’s First Production Electric Supersport Bike
Bred on the toughest road racing circuit in the world at the Isle of Mann TT and based on the winner of the TTXGP Isle of Man 2009 Champion bike, the Mavizen TTX02 begins shipping March 2010.  Shipping is just in time for you to enter and practice for the TTXGP, the eGrand Prix race at the Infineon Raceway in California May 14-16.  Another first, it’s the first motorsport vehicle in the world to ship with integrated IP connectivity.  Discovered at the SEMA show 2009.



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