The Runaways part one of the Runaway Trilogy coming in early 2016.

In the beginning God created man in his own image and Lucifer said he was wrong

Now God is doing a do over

Bambi, Americas favorite actress and role model for young women whom is not all she seems to be.

Sir Guy, hairdresser to the elite that hates all women.

Stella, a major lawyer and agent to the stars, and that's all that has to be said

Stephania' not Stephanie' earns her living literally playing for nickels and dimes at the beach or shopping malls or in a tux jacket and ministers collar marrying people and playing at  their wedding.

Trained for years in Europe she came back to the USA and became the bitter witch she has became because there were few openings for classically trained sax players in orchestras in this country


© mbe 2015

PRODUCT:  Montebubbles Enterprises

TITLE:     The Runaways Now

Has this title been to any other market? Yes/No            No


Running time (in minutes)   100        Country of origin  USA

Language     English        Subtitles   No

Budget  $100,000                         Delivery date    June 2017  


Status: X In production

Production company (companies) MBE ( Montebubbles Enterprises)

Producer   Wilhelm Von Hohenzollern

Director    Joyce Chon

Scriptwriter   Otto Von Grotzinger

Key cast Stephanie Le Gee, Joel Posey, Ian Van Chamberlin Jr. And Wilhelm Von Hohenzollern

Log line: God created man in his image and Lucifer told him he was wrong

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